About Borfes

Once upon a 1916…

In the dark cold of winter, some near hundred years ago, a New Year’s Eve party was had like none seen before it.

Among the less-dressed ladies and boisterous gents, the gassed-up horses, the unequal wages and voting rights– a periodical was born. A new news. A news for the upstarted businessman in all of us. An outlet so primed and readied for a world soon to hit the skids of the greatest financial downturn in modern history, that our own Drascoll Luciens foretold of the happening. (Luciens, Drascoll. “Depression Looming to be Great?” Borfes Magazine Feb 1920. A 1)

On that blustery New Year’s Eve in 1916, Borfes was born. And since the ‘lude-enduced euphoria of that night, we have vowed to our reader and (of late) downloader, to bring the business truth, the whole business truth, and everything with the business truth on a day-to-day, and sometimes even time-in-between, basis.  And not to mention, a whole few months earlier than those dullards over at Forbes got started, we may add.

So if you’re looking for a place to tell you where you might get your diamonds polished, or an article on the benefits of stealing air in Mozambique rather than El Salvador, then by golly, you’ve found us. And let me tell you, it smells wealthy.


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