It Worked!

We're Back! (Again)

LOS ANGELES, CA– After over a year of trying to prove the American news-reading audience and citizenry at large was idiotic and completely feckless, a mysterious “virus” has made it quite clear that we (NYSE:BRFS) are back. And we’re here to stay.

This isn’t to say that said “virus” has anything to do with Borfes Mag or any of our several hundred affiliated financial backers, but let’s just say… you had it coming America.

If you try to stop us again, you can expect a lot more “virus” where this one came from. And we ain’t talking about Wuhan.

We’ll kill as many of Gary from the mail-room’s nephews as we have to in order to stake our claim in the business news cycle. Get used to seeing a lot more of old Borfes on the websphere.

Until next time, we’ll be minding your business.

Barton Everett is the current editor-in-chief of Borfes and former economist-in-residence at First Crude Oil (NASDAQ: FCO). Former Mr. North Dakota, can chew through a block of cheese in less than 2 minutes.

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